Requirements for Assignment
The team project on international business case analysis must be conducted by a group of students (a team consists of normally three (3) students).
A team project report shall be written about 25 pages in length including the title page, exhibits, tables, and references in 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced.
A team project presentation shall be prepared in 10-12 PowerPoint slides to abstract their team project.
Provide appropriate citations and use the APA style for the bibliography.

Two printed copies per team of the team project written report should be submitted,
an MS-word e-document by an email attachment and
a set of e-PowerPoint slides by an email attachment must be sent out not later than the class day of Week 14 (April 25, 2018).

Steps to do for Assignment 3
STEP 1: Select a specific topic, which interests your team
STEP 2: Identify one or two specific research questions to be answerable
STEP 3: Search, read, and synthesize information from previous studies
STEP 4: Analyze 3 or 4 cases and integrate the information from the analysis
STEP 5: Describe your findings (what are common factors and differences among each case study under the topic?)
STEP 6: Discuss the findings and suggest your thoughts on the topic. (In particular, please highlight your insights as an international business manager.)
STEP 7: Proofread the report and make appropriate references (keep always in mind the APA style)

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