This individual coursework is worth 70% of the module mark.
Coursework task
a. Identify a decision-making problem, in an organisation of your choice. The problem could be:
• Fashion Product development – How to improve collaboration between marketers and designers
• Supply Chain Risk – How to assist manager’s risk perception and its influence on decision-making
• Enterprise Quality management – How would a good/bad decision affect a enters performance
• Application of a specific Technology – How should a company adapt RFId/Big data
• Culture and Communication – How to improve group decision making in a multi-cultural environment.
b. Suggest one solution for that particular problem
c. Critical evaluate the solution by identifing the benefits and limitation of the solution
d. Include at least 15 journal references

Further instructions
You should produce a report no more than 3,000 words (excluding reference list and any other appendices). In-text citations will be counted towards the word limit. All references should follow the Harvard referencing system.

Marking criteria

o Overall presentation and coherence of submission (10%): Suitable title, clear structure (contents page); Clarity and conciseness of the issues covered in the report.
o Understanding of concepts and content (30%): Literature review with recent and high impacted sources included and assessment /summary of these published works.
o Critical judgment in selecting and ordering content (30%): Joined up thinking: From title to argument to conclusion (Evaluation- Synthesis-Analysis); Building an argument of why the particular solution is chosen solution – using your references adeptly.
o Structure of argument and conclusions which relate to the topic (20%): a comprehensive, clear reflection of your learning
o Include range of research as evidenced by content and references (10%).

Deadlines and submission
The deadline time for submission of Individual Coursework is: 12 noon on Thursday, 26 April 2018. Work may be submitted on any day prior to the deadline. All coursework must be submitted online through E-Submission on Moodle (i.e. module site for STO202).

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