Management Information System

Choose two current news stories (from an appropriate genre such as newspaper, professional blog, magazine article, professional organization website, specialized professional publication, video, Twitter thread from a verified account, etc.) that engage with a topic of relevance to your field of study or discipline. The two examples you choose should be discussing the same topic.

Answer the following questions:

Why is the topic discussed of interest to your field?
How do scholars and practitioners in your field engage with the topic? How do you know?
Briefly compare the two examples:

Are they aimed at the same audience? How do you know?
Are there differences or similarities in how the sources use language, tone, organizational strategies? Focusing on these differences, how do those differences engage different audiences?
Do the examples you are using attribute information to other sources? How do they attribute or give credit to other sources? What do you think that type of attribution practice says about the audience?

Sample Solution