Management Information System

  1. Pick a company (of your choice) that had a recent data breach (cyber attack) and describe the extent of the incident in this organization. Be sure to describe the source(s) of cyberthreats that are putting organizations in jeopardy and the one that hit your chosen company if known.
  2. Describe the targets of cyberattacks and the impact these attacks have on both public and private sector organizations. Explain why you think your chosen company was targeted.
  3. Explain why cyber risk management must be a top business priority and outline an organizational model for cybersecurity.
  4. Describe the internal audits and controls that are used to defend against occupational fraud at all levels of an organization.
  5. Explain how risk management frameworks, standards, and models help ensure compliance with industry and federal regulations. Assess the risk associated with a network crash, debilitating hacker attack, or other IT disruption. Explain how compliance and security can diverge such that being compliant is not necessarily equivalent to being secure. (Home Depot, Target, and a myriad of others were all PCI compliant.)

Support your discussion with at least 3 references.

Sample Solution