Process variation and its associated effects can potentially have a huge effect on “Quality” whether it be performance characteristics or customer perception.

• Research and propose how to implement Statistical Process Control successfully into an organisation. Justify the benefits with regard to process variation.

• Construct working examples of two different types of control charts and evaluate their application.

• Why is process capability so important? Explain using diagrams where necessary and indicate what benchmark performance standards you should aim to achieve.

Section Two

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 are the International Quality and Environmental Standards respectively.

• Appraise and summarise the main purposes, themes and goals of these standards and argue how they will help successfully move a company towards Total Quality and Environmental Management.

• What synergies and benefits are there to be gained from implementing both systems?

Section Three

Organisational culture and behaviour have an immense impact on whether any continuous improvement process will be successful within a business.

• Analyse the types of barriers that may arise during the implementation of a continuous improvement process.

• Discuss a quality concept that could address the implementation barriers/issues.

• Evaluate how an organisations culture and behaviour will change as it moves through the phases of the “evolution of quality”.





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