Management Plan – Fictitious Russia Scenario

Scenario: The IMDEX Asia (International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference) is held every two years
at the Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore. This year, a Russian delegation proposes to showcase a new
patrol boat at IMDEX Asia. A Russian brochure says that the boat is an advanced type of a very fast patrol
boat, highly maneuverable and optionally equipped with a new anti-ship cruise missile. Reportedly the craft has
a new hull design that employs stealth technology and a revolutionary propulsion system.
• The craft was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russians
plan to set up a booth at the exposition with pictures of the boat and the missile. Reportedly, the boat’s
designer Sergei, and the missile’s designer, Valeri, and the sales representative, Viktor, will be at the booth.
They may also be at the Russian hospitality suite in the Pan Pacific Singapore hotel during the evening. All

Russian attendees are staying at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel.
• The boat itself is anchored in the center of Marina Bay, Singapore harbor, approximately 250 yards from the
nearest shore. It has one live-aboard guard, Igor, who reportedly has a propensity for a drink. When off-duty,
Igor can be found at Harry’s Bar on Boat Quay, a sleazy nightspot that features a live jazz band and jam
• Over the next two days, the boat will be taken out in the Straits of Malacca for a test demonstration of its
speed and maneuverability. You have received reports that the Russians plan to use the craft to conduct a live
anti-ship missile firing demonstration for their guests against a dummy target located in the Straits of Malacca.
The guests, who will be on board during the test, include representatives of all the potential customer groups
which could include terrorists, narcotics traffickers, and military officers from Indonesia, Pakistan, Venezuela,
and the Philippines, all interested in the craft for their own purposes

Prepare a multi-INT collection plan against all the targets defined in the scenario for analysts who
are producing a comprehensive, multi-INT assessment for senior leaders and operational commanders. The
collection plan should include:
• Describe the collection scenario (specific targets, timing, limitations, and method of collecting);
• Describe the expected benefits in terms of answers to the four sets of customer needs (counterterrorism,
counter-narcotics, military/counter-proliferation, and weapons systems performance);
• Assess the risks associated with the collection effort;
• Describe priority collection requirements such as what might you need to process the data, translation of
foreign language material, or processing and exploitation of technical collection. Develop a timeline for the use
of the assets that you identify in this plan and describe the communication among collectors that is required for
the success of the effort. Collection Planning Project

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