Managing change across cultures

Executive Vice President, Mr Scott Woroch, is worried about the prospects of achieving successful change management processes in hotels located in countries with different cultures. He asks for your opinion:

(A) From a leadership and cultural adaptation perspective, do you agree with the appointment of Mr Le Calvez as the new General Manager (in Paris) – why/why not?

(B) Contemplating on increased international travel and tourism, as well as intensified globalisation (also in the socio-cultural realm) – discuss if Four Seasons should continue with the approaches known as “tailor made” hotels and “cultural chameleons”? Would you prefer to change this practice – why/why not?

(C) Identify relevant levels/spheres of culture that you need to take into account when implementing change interventions in the new hotel where you work as the GM?

(D) Critically evaluate the limitations of grasping intercultural challenges within the Four Seasons organisation, if relying solely on Hofstede’s (1980) ‘Cultural Dimensions’ approach, and Kogut and Sing’s (1988) ‘Cultural Distance’ construct?

Taking into account Four Season’s organisational culture and the cultural environment in the city/country where you have been appointed as the new GM, highlight potential intercultural challenges which you (as the GM) might face when adopting the specific Four Season ‘s organisational culture in the new hotel in relation to local staff.

Support your argument by using two human resource practices from the Case Study as examples, and explain by analysing a minimum of three (across both HR practices) factors which may reflect cultural “clash”, and cultural “fit”?

Recommend to Mr Scott Woroch what top-management should emphasise (as a means to motivate new local staff-members to participate in change management processes) when explaining the implementation phase of change processes in a culturally effective fashion.

Identify a particular implementation approach (grounded in theory), and use this as an example when providing your answer to this question.

Mr Scott Woroch has some doubts as to whether you possess the appropriate intercultural skill-set for embarking on the role as GM at the new hotel. He requests that you reflect upon your intercultural capabilities – as he believes increased cultural self-awareness leads to enhanced decision-making. Complete the below form – focusing on yourself as an individual (GM) (attach as an appendix – it does not count towards the word limit).


Your Intercultural Strengths

Your Intercultural Weaknesses


(Intercultural Development)

(Intercultural Development)



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