Managing Employee benefits in Time Of Pandemics .

Everyone in the Capstone Project is required to writing literature (not literary) review of scholarship related to
the information regarding one of the content areas of his or her paper. For example, if someone is conducting
action research to solve a problem related to what appears to be a highly disengaged workplace, that student
would, as a data collection tool for an appropriate research objective, conduct a literature review (5 to 7
articles, books) addressing research regarding employee engagement. The review will provide a summary and
analysis of what scholarship identifies as current knowledge with respect to the subject.
As you begin your work in Milestone 4, these are two links provided at Penn State websites that address
techniques in conducting literature reviews.
• The first was authored at the University of North Carolina: (Links to an external
• The second is a voice-over Powerpoint that systematically discusses the process one might employ in
conducting a literature review: (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site.
Of course, a literature review is only one of the data collection methods you will use in the project; however, it
may be one of the more misunderstood processes. There is additional information in the Overview Page in
Milestone 4.
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