Managing Global supplychian

Critically analyse practices in managing a global supply chain of manufacturing firms in one industry of your choice. Based on your analysis of the good practices, you are required to advise a real life company (Gripple Ltd) improve performance of their supply chain”
Which industry should I look at?
You should select examples of firms in the industry which you think it is similar to the industry which Gripple operating.
Manufacturing sector (e.g car) is more similar to Grippe business than retailing sector.
What does “Popular practice” mean /
Popular practice means many firms have the same practice. For example, offshoring in low labour cost countries is a popular practice in labour intensive industry like garment &textile industry. For example, Clarks, H&M, Primark, Next have outsourced production to Asian suppliers.
How many firms should I look at?
At least two firms, ideally more than two firms because it is obvious that example of one case is not enough to generalise the popularity.
What supply chain activities (issues/topics) needs to be included?

Sample Solution