Managing HR in Small Entrepreneurial Firms

Communication sometimes fall short when designing and implementing change initiatives, and employees are generally left behind. Organizational change includes individual change. When planning major change initiatives, employers sometimes forget that building a positive employee relationship is critical for motivation since each person must go through this change and implementation for themselves. As leaders involved in plan change, there is plenty of time to get used to the idea because those involved would be part of the whole process and everyone else would follow along.


  1. Describe the best method that the management should take to roll out a change management initiative.
  2. Analyze what are some of the benefits of involving employees in the organization.
  3. Summarize from experience why many organizations have fallen short in the mechanisms of designing and deploying the changes.
  4. Explain why organizations create changes without communicating and gaining the support of the employees.
  5. Describe what initiative an HR manager would take to communicate the management proposal with the employees.

Sample Solution