Managing Oneself

You will need to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the article’s importance to our understanding of current trends in executive development and workplace dynamics. DO NOT SUMMARIZE! Use the readings form the class (i.e., text, PDFs, and videos) to help provide a vocabulary for understanding executive development.

You will be assessed on your ability to clearly identify the problems of the case, provide clear solutions, and generally apply the material from this course to understanding and solving issues in executive development and management more generally.

The purpose of the response is to demonstrate your ability to explain and apply the topics of this course (readings, videos, etc.). Therefore, if all you say is something to the effect of, “I agree!” “She has a point” or “I don’t agree” and fail to provide any further explanation or context, well, then you can expect NOT to get any points for that type of response…sorry, not sorry.

Sample Solution