Managing organizations

1.Descnbe with examples how the fells of mythology, sooal psychology socaolOgY and anthrOPOlogy have contributed to the study of organisational behavior.

2. Compare and corniest surface-level and deep-level diversity Pronde examples.

3. Describe the following concepts/Meant:of oenonality: • The Olg 5 Personality Model. – The Dark Triad IMachiavellianism Marciv.nrn and Psychopathy); • Sell-Monitoring: end • Proactive Personality.

4. Compare and contrast the following theories of motivation: a. MaIled; Hierarchy of Needs: b. The Two-factor Theory: and t. Mc(Jellands Theory of Needs

5. Compare and contrast the folloning reinforcement technique,: a. Positive fteinforcornem, b. lEanorejEsbncliOn, c. Punishment; and d Negative PainfOrternent Novo, examples of each from tins, lectures or your own enaerlance

6 Describe Equity Theory and Expectancy Theory, with examplesof how each theory works in business settings.

7. Describe the Ponctuated.EquAbnum Model Give examples




























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