Managing Quality Assurance in the Workplace

Health care delivery and the organizations that provide, manage, and reimburse for it are growing at an explosive rate. As part of this trend, the allied health job sector is the largest employment sector, with job growth projections in the 14% plus range for the period 2018-2028 (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018).
Expansive growth is a response to current and predicted need for services, and while encouraging, sustained, and rapid growth will inevitably affect safety, risk management, and quality provision on scales not yet seen by health care organizations.

In an essay of 1,250-1,500 words, provide your assessment, with recommendations, of how the United States, as a country, can best manage quality assurance in the health care workplace going into the future.

Questions to consider include:

  1. How best can the United States, as a country, manage this growth in the allied health sector? Provide examples.
  2. Describe the decision-making process for safety, risk management, and quality management in allied health care.
  3. What steps might the United States take, from the global to the organizational level, to maintain high standards to provide outstanding care-based services?
  4. Describe the core safety, risk management, and quality management tools in the health care industry.

Sample Solution