Managing the human factor in the aviation industry

When an industry is faced with a problem, the resolution process often involves multiple stakeholders. Before the FAA changes or updates a regulation, for example, it often solicits information and feedback from those in the industry. This allows for a thorough examination of the underlying cause for the change and the potential impact of the resolution on those who will be responsible for carrying it out.
In research, this is accomplished via literature reviews. By reviewing the literature, trends rise to the surface. The elements that contribute to the problem are more easily identified, as well as potential solutions for mitigating the problem in the future. It also provides background information such as how long the problem has plagued the industry and why it is necessary to address it.

Review the following for the order and requirements for each section of this assignment:

Title Page.
Abstract (leave blank for now).
Introduction: A brief overview of what you are researching, why, and an overview of your research process (including the main topics you will review). This should be approximately one paragraph.
Background: Describe what led to the problem, explain the extent of the problem, and why it is necessary to research and resolve the problem. This should be 2-3 paragraphs.
Literature Review: Provide historical background on the area you are researching, provide a contemporary context in which your research is situated, identify any trends in the literature related to your problem, identifies gaps in the literature, draw conclusions based on the literature (what we know about the problem).

Sample Solution