Map of the schoolyard on the kindergarten.

a. Draw a simple map of the schoolyard on the kindergarten.
b. Use the map for the first observation. Write down the date and time when you carry out your observation
c. Select 3 to 5 children and 2 educators / teacher.
d. Give each child a number and the educator each letter.

e. Then go around on the break / outdoor activity and observe where everyone is and what they do by noting
numbers and letters on the map. Observe for 10-15 minutes.
f. Then you go in with your map and answer the questions under 2 (a-g). It is important that you do this
immediately after the observation
2 a) What places did the children visit during the time you observed?
b) What activities / games did they engage in during the time you observed?
c) What type of play / activity is it?
d) What roles can you see in the group of children you have observed? Give examples of at least three
different roles
e) Did any child withdraw during the time you observed?
f) Who played with whom (during the time you observed)? Did girls and boys play together?
g) In what places were they adults and what did they do (during the time you observed)?

  1. Give examples of what is the use of making an observation and analysis of the group?

Sample Solution