Market and Demographic Analysis -for St. Johns, Portland, Oregon

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You should develop a basic market analysis for the district- Define a “trade area” for the district and assess its potential- You should explore the role
of their street in the broader retail and serVice ecology of Portland”; does the district serve a particular niche and hOW does the state of the street
compare With neighborhood, city and/or regional aspirations?
You should conduct a basic demographic assessment of the neighborhood context in Which their commercial district is located and a simple
assessment of property valuation- Using Tract level Census/ACS data from 2000 and 2010+ (recognizing all the problems inherent in this approach)
or more fine-grained data, What is the population profile for the district and its surrounding area? At a minimum, this profile should cover income,
age, race, housing (i-e-, homeowners or renters) and household size- You should also consider other useful information such as commuting and
transportation behavior. For the valuation assessment, You should use PortlandMaps or other available databases to track the assessment history
of properties in the district and note any noticeable changes or trends-




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