An essay about Marketing communication, Online branding and Marketing research, explaining how marketing research drives marketing communication and online branding.
Have provided instructions on how to construct the essay.
Total length of the essay should be 1500 words, and referencing should be in APA 6th style format

Each customer is an investment. Online marketing research drives marketing communication and online branding.
Discuss the above statement.

How to answer:
The essay should be around 1500 words in length (+/- 10%)
Your answer MUST include real world example, references and appropriate theories. (Referencing should be in APA 6th style format)

Write about how the task of attracting customers/marketing has become tougher, with the emergence of multiple brands and the consumers are spoilt for choice with the availability of multiple options for entertainment, Write about how there is a mad scramble for consumer’s attention by brands by bombarding messages across all mediums (TV, Print, Radio, OOH, Online, Mobile) throughout the day.
Paragraph 1 – Write about the importance of integrated marketing communication across all mediums and the role digital medium plays in this mix; please write about how marketing has evolved from advertising in traditional mediums to more effective digital mediums (traditional advertising mediums like TV, Print, Radio, OOH target everybody thereby resulting in a lot of wastage; whereas the digital medium enables you to target the right audience without any wastage or spillover), please touch upon Paid, owned and earned media classifying the different mediums in respective categories, and incorporate the Digital involvement cycle framework to highlight the role of each medium at each stage (Refer the below table).

Paragraph 2 – Write about why branding is important for businesses, it’s benefits and Write about how important a role online branding plays in the scheme of things; include the role of various digital avenues in online branding (Online banners, Network advertising, Blogs, Vlogs, Online P.R, Company website, Social media, Mobile Apps, and Search engine optimization.
Paragraph 3 – Market research is the backbone of all major decisions taken by a company write about why marketing research is important for companies and how online marketing research is making the whole research process convenient and efficient, include the 7 stage market research process to explain the market research process and finish with the advantages of online marketing research.

Provide a conclusion with a brief summary and highlighting how important marketing research is the backbone of companies, and how online marketing research drives marketing communication and online branding.

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