This is an individual case-based assignment that requires you to answer a question in relation to the case study below: ‘Best Car Hire’.

Using services marketing theory, analyse and explain Best’s loss of customers, and recommend how it might improve the customer experience. (100 marks)

General Guidance
• The coursework requires you to select and apply theories, frameworks, and concepts from the first six study units of the module. (see other files)
• It is your decision as to what theories/frameworks/concepts to use to inform your answer. There is no recommended minimum or maximum number, but generally, quality of application is more important than the quantity of frameworks applied.
• Remember that the requirement is to apply rather than describe theory.
• You may use subheadings in your answer, but avoid excessive use of bullet points.
• Do not reiterate passages from the case study. Obviously, you will need to refer to the case, but do this as succinctly as you can.
• Evidence of relevant reading beyond the lecture slides, with appropriate application of this reading, will be rewarded. Besides textbooks, you may want to explore relevant articles from the Journal of Services Marketing and from Service Industries Journal. Other journals will have relevant articles, but, as is implied by their titles, these two focus on services.
• Include a title page, contents, and references. There is no need for an executive summary. Please number your pages.

In order to get the best possible mark for this paper it needs to be will be distinctive, demonstrating outstanding learning throughout the report. They may be characterised by much of the following:
• Addresses the question in the brief comprehensively and to a consistently high standard
• Evidence of material in the case being distilled, evaluated, and integrated into the report, with underlying issues being identified
• All points are relevant, analytical, precise, and (where possible) substantiated
• Arguments/recommendations possess a high degree of clarity, internal consistency, and insight
• Excellent use of academic theory, with appropriate application throughout the report
• Evidence of wider reading beyond the core text and recommended articles, with accurate citation and referencing
• Excellent presentation with few, if any, errors in grammar and spelling.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the distinctive nature of services (versus physical goods) and the implications of service characteristics for marketers
• Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of people (employees and customers), the service delivery system, and the physical environment to the service encounter
• Demonstrate an understanding of the management and evaluation of service quality and satisfaction.
• Demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge to solve marketing problems
• Demonstrate the ability to analyse and synthesise information, evaluate options, and make fully-supported and well-presented recommendations, using appropriate theory

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