Marketing Through the Hotel Web Page

You are the director of sales for either (1) a major chain lodging property in St. Louis, MO, or (2) a major cruise line. The GM has asked that your team

provide a creative idea to promote a special product or service. Based on what you have read about marketing lodging:

Choose one of the following group types and create a total of 2–3 paragraphs (minimum 200 words) that can be put on the hotel’s or cruise line’s web page to

advertise the property to that specific group. Remember to highlight the needs and wants and the ideal amenities for the group you choose.

Mother’s Day brunch
Wedding package
Corporate meeting package
Government meeting package
Weekend getaway
Then, offer a constructive and positive critique of another classmate’s hotel or cruise line’s webpage content as a potential guest. Remember netiquette and

critique the content, not the person.

Would the website content convince you to make a reservation if you were part of the targeted market (i.e., group type) it was directed to? If so, why?

Sample Solution