Marketing value

Consider an organization of interest to you. This might be a church, a club, a service organization, a sports organization, a company that you would like to work for, or simply an organization that you admire or want to understand better. This should not be a company with whom you are currently employed. It would be helpful if the organization you choose has a website that describes it and its products in some detail.
A.Based on your own understanding of this organization, assess the extent to which it follows the philosophy behind the marketing concept and new-era orientation. What specific observations or findings led you to draw your conclusions? (10 points)
B.What type of marketing value does this organization create for customers? What marketing mix (product, price, distribution, and communication) decisions has it made to create this value? (10 points)
C.Describe two ethical and/or social issues that affect this organization. What, if anything, does this organization do to respond to or address these issues? What else could it do to be more socially or ethically responsible? (10 points)

Sample Solution