Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf, gender issues

As we have learned in our discussion of Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf, gender issues have been a huge concern of our society for quite some time
and the way we each identify gender reflects many factors: parental views, social views, religious views, etc. However, what seems to be the most influential
factor, especially for the youth of America, is media.
For this essay, in 3-4 pages, write an analysis discussing representations of one gender in three different mediums (print, film, television, internet, etc.) and
how you believe that representation affects young people’s perception of that specific gender. To develop this argument into a manageable topic for a 3-4
page essay, begin by narrowing your topic. For example, look at how a specific characteristic of the gender is portrayed (women as a homemakers, men as
protectors). After giving consideration to the specific area you’ve chosen, consider these questions. How is the gender you’ve chosen to write about depicted
in media? How do young people absorb these representations, and how do these portrayals influence their own beliefs about gender roles?

Sample Solution