Mass Media Presentation


West coast Airlines has decided a traditional Call Center is just not cost effective and wants to explore its options in using outsourcing or contract workers. West coast Airlines wants to decide whether to stay with its traditional Call Center or completely change the way it handles customer relationships.
Company: West coast Airlines, San Diego, CA
CEO: Bill Wright
Budget: $300,000.00
Time frame: 6 months to transition
Your Job
Bill Wright CEO of West coast Airlines wants to move into outsourcing or contract workers, but he is unsure it is the right move for the company currently. it will be your job to research and come up with a viable means to do exactly that. Your task is to present a Business proposal presentation as to how your company can use the outsourcing or contract workers for its Call Center.
The Assignment

  1. You may use either a real or fictitious business data for this presentation. It is preferred that you use real data, but it is understandable with the time constraints fictitious business data will be needed to fill in the blanks. Note: all sources must be cited.
  2. Once you have completed your research put together a Business PowerPoint presentation to be given to the CEO and Stakeholders of West coast Airlines (Bill Wright and the class). This will be accomplished by sending 3 PDF Documents via CANVAS Assignment One. PDF are 1) Sides presentation,2) Presentation Script, and 3) Presentation Workup Outline. Note: anything other than a PDF may result in a failing grade.
  3. The presentation should highlight West coast Airlines move from a traditional Call Center to outsourcing or contract workers. Your grade will be based on the depth of research, meeting all assignment requirements, and the quality of your Presentation Proposal.
  4. The research for this assignment will be the base research for assignment 2 Business Proposal. Therefore, it is to your advantage to retain all research from this assignment.

Sample Solution