Master Decker Case Study

Briefly size-up Master Decker’s situation. Include a description of the company’s history, its current market position, and potential. In your narrative also, mention Druzcz’s background and role in the business. From a qualitative standpoint (advantages versus disadvantages), analyze the expansion opportunities of each of the service
offerings — deck building, selling exclusive stains, and selling manufactured cleaning chemicals — and discuss the implications for each. Which of the cash flows associated with the opportunity are relevant (future, cash, and different)? Of these, which are recurring, and which are one-time? HINT: Develop a table that displays your answers to these questions.
Select one or more quantitative analyses to help you make your decision about how Master Decker should expand. Conclude your paper with a recommendation supported by your analyses. Your performance of both the qualitative and quantitative analyses must be used in the decision about how Master Decker should expand operations and with which option or combination of options. Any calculations and graphs may be done in Excel, and then transferred to a Word document. All calculations should be clearly explained as to your assumptions and how you arrived at your answers.

Sample Solution