Material concepts, principles, and theories,

1-Consider the effect of trade liberalization on agricultural markets. Using your weekly readings and additional research, compare the challenges experienced by developing countries versus that of the United States. What financial support does U.S. government policy afford its agricultural sector? How does this affect world agricultural markets?
2-Your required reading by Harb and Shady (2016) examines Arab trade dynamics after the Pan Arab Free Trade Area (PAFTA) was implemented. Based on this reading and additional research, select one of the countries within the PAFTA and outline one of its primary exports to other member countries. Provide market size and share statistics relative to exports of this same good to other countries. What has been the five-year trend for the quantity of this export?

3-Identify a host country that has a high repatriation risk for companies that engage in foreign direct investment. Once you have identified the country, observe the last balance of payments issued by the country. Does the selected country appear to be protecting its balance of payments? What implications are there for a multinational corporation that experiences delays, sometimes for many years, in the repatriation of cash flows?

4-Before 1970, many countries were on the gold standard. Since then, floating exchange regimes have dominated the global economy. Select a country that now has a floating or a pegged exchange rate. Prior to its present regime, did this country have another regime, or the gold standard? What was the impetus for the change in regime for this country?

5-Visit the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website and examine the Regional Economic Outlook report. This report is identified in your required readings for this week. Select a country included within the Middle East and Central Asia report. What are the primary considerations for this country from an international banking perspective? Is there significant country or currency risk noted for this country? Elaborate on these factors and indicate the sources of risk.





































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