Math Across the Curriculum

Successful teachers understand how to help young children connect emerging numeracy skills to learning in
other content areas so the children learn how math helps them understand and describe the world around
For this assignment, select a grade level pre-K-3, and develop three cross-curricular at-home activities that
integrate math and reading. Each at-home activity should be developmentally appropriate, easy to do at home
with family members, and engaging.
Write 150-250 words for each activity explaining to families how to complete the activity. Include the following
for each activity:
-A math and an English language arts standard for the selected grade level
-Specific objectives
-A written resource to help reinforce math and reading skills
(books, poems, stories, etc.)
-Instructions for completing the learning activity
-Developmentally appropriate technology options for students
with language learning needs
-Summative activity for students to complete and return

Sample Solution