Media analysis on leadership

You will be required to write one media analysis during the course of the semester.

o For the media analysis, you will identify an article, column, or cartoon from a newspaper, magazine, or online news source that illustrates a particular psychological concept, theory, or research finding covered in class and/or covered in the textbook (including textbook content not yet covered in class). Only still images will be accepted (no videos, podcasts, etc.).

o The assignment will help you to think about how psychology applies to day-to-day occurrences in the real world. For example, you may find an article reporting statistics on people working in a group setting who sleep, surf the Internet, or otherwise slack on the job and link this finding to the concept of social loafing. As another example, you may read about a particular training program and identify how the techniques used relate to operant conditioning, which is a type of learning. This assignment is an opportunity for you to be creative in connecting psychology to recent events.

Sample Solution