Media literacy and social responsibility

Media Literacy and Social Responsibility This assignment has two parts. 1. Written single author essay minimum 2,000 words 3,000 maximum 2. A video power point presentation minimum 3 minutes – maxim 8 minutes)
Directions: Research a topic related to media literacy citing your textbook, outside academic sources (such as journal articles and books), industry data, and government white and policy papers. Write an essay and accompanying presentation which presents your research as a community outreach project. This requires you to imagine an audience that is either knowledgeable about the cultural topic but may not be media literate or is media literate but not knowledgeable about cultural topics. Your goal for this assignment is to prepare an intervention to help a group of individuals become more media literate. Your essay and presentation should be persuasive and action-oriented. In your introduction, you should clearly present your topic to your audience while acknowledging who you imagine them to be. The body of your essay and presentation must clearly present the research and prepared material on media literacy and social responsibility, making connections to course content and citing sources throughout your essay and presentation. The conclusion of your essay should review the goals of your project and remind your reader what they should have learned from engaging your essay and presentation.

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