Media reports about different religions

Media Reports: Find at least 10 recent (since July 1, 2018) news/media reports in which one of the World Religions is the primary topic. The 10 media reports should represent at least five different religions. Some examples: activities/pronouncements of the Pope; issues connected with the ordination of homosexuals to the ministry; international conflicts caused by religious differences; current or upcoming religious holidays (Ramadan, Passover, Easter, etc.); local religious news; etc. For each media report, discuss the following: (1) Is the religion portrayed positively or negatively, or is the report neutral? If the events are controversial, are both sides presented fairly? (2) Does the report provide any context about the religion’s history, beliefs and practices which help the reader to understand the significance of the events being described? (3) How does what you have learned in this course help you to understand the religion being reported on and the events associated with it? Media reports will be drawn primarily from reputable news outlets on the Internet. Make use of ‘objective” news reporting; avoid opinion pieces, editorials, etc. You should include the Internet link for each report. Your finished project should be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Sample Solution