Megatrends in technology

Which two of Megatrends( impactful
technology, demographic change, rapid
urbanisation, amplified individuals, economic
power shift, climate and resource security)
are most likely to impact the business going
forward? Why these two? How should we
Company A is teo taxi and Company B is macphie.
The two pdf descirbe the situations of two companies, please read it before you start to write. And just answer
the question directly, it does not need to introduce two companies. please write in simple language. This is not
a compare and contrast exercise. Your primary focus in on Company A. However, you should be conscious as
you deliver your analysis of Company A that the Board Member comes from another very different context –
with which they are much more familiar (Company B), so you will probably need to refer to this context (and
thus contrast with it) as appropriate from time-to-time in your presentation. There are some things that they will
be familiar with (ie similarities) and others very unfamiliar (ie differences).

Sample Solution