Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Singing in Groups.

How to do this assignment:
Give the main heading as: Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Singing in Groups.

• You should write an Introduction in which you will introduce the main topic, which is Group singing. Do it like this:
o Introduce the topic ‘group singing’. Here you can mention about people singing in groups both formally[ national anthem, religious occasions, football teams singing etc] and informally [friends singing together at a party, function , get together or at a club]
o Write about the feelings that it creates in the people when they sing together on such occasions.
o Mention that it has many benefits.
o End the Introduction with a concluding sentence which will say that you are going to describe/illustrate/show what Launay and Pearce (2015) and Kerr (2017) have pointed out about singing in group as an activity that can help to improve both mental and physical health.

• You should have 2 body paragraphs.
(1) First paragraph should be about mental health benefits.
Give a suitable heading for this part to show the point you are going to explain here.
When we say mental health or psychological benefits remember that it is all related to our feelings. Therefore this paragraph should contain information only about that.

(2) The second paragraph should be about physical health benefits.
Give a suitable heading for this part to show the point you are going to explain here.
Physical health is related to how our body feels – health, sickness etc.

Note about the Body Paragraphs (Make sure that you follow these instructions when you write. The grades for this assignment will be affected if these instructions are not followed)
• Make sure that each of these body paragraphs begin with a topic sentence to make clear which point you are explaining in that paragraph.

• All information taken from the articles should be paraphrased and show citations so that it will be clear which author said that. These information you cite shouldn’t be just thrown in like that one after the other like a chain. You have to explain clearly after citations what the author is telling/wanting us to understand through it.

• Sometimes you might see that both the authors have said the same thing. In that case your citation should also show that.

• Citations should be taken from both the articles. There is a lot of importance in this work on citations because it is all about ‘who said what’. Therefore make sure that you cite correctly and paraphrase information correctly.

• Structure/logical flow of information in the paragraphs: Inside each paragraph your points/sentences should be well connected. (It shouldn’t be like a bunch of sentences thrown in together and called a ‘paragraph’. Remember that information should have a logical flow or a smooth and orderly way of moving from one point to the other.)

• The paragraphs should end with a concluding sentence that will close the explanation of the point.

• Finally end the assignment with a brief Conclusion
Give the heading ‘Conclusion’ for it
Summarize the points you have discussed in both the body paragraphs
Connect them to the main theme you introduced in the Introduction and end well.

• And a reference list of the articles used.

• Complete work should be about 1000 words. (850 minimum to 1000 maximum)

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