Mental Health Consequences from Mass Shootings

This essay will be in two parts a METHOD and RESULTS section This essay must contain the following: 1 of 2: Methods Section Description of participants, Number of anticipated participants, Proposed participant demographics, Are any excluded from the study? If so, why? If not, why not? What materials are needed for your study? What measures, if any, are needed for your study? What are they—exactly—and what are they used for/what do they measure? Remember, you have to write this so if someone else wants to replicate your work, he or she could. A Summary explanation of IV and DV. Description of quantitative data collection design and procedures. What extraneous factors could affect your experiment and how are you going to control for them? Start at the very beginning and describe what happens clearly and concisely for every step of your study so that someone else could replicate it exactly. Section 2 of 2: Results Section What statistical analysis would you use? (You should find ideas for this in your literature that you reviewed.) Be specific. For example, would you use a t test, ANOVA, etc.? What results do you expect to find? From what you learned in your statistics course, give an idea of what you would expect your results to be. Normally this section would report results such as F(23) = 6.7, p = <.05. Obviously, you will not have these figures, but give an idea of what you would expect to find based on others’ research with these populations. Be specific. Refer to your variables and the levels within them when you describe differences between groups of participants on your dependent variable(s). For example, “I would expect that group A would score signif • s”- ‘ group B…”

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