Merger between AOL and Time Warner in 2001

After reading the IMAA article this week on Effective Management of Change during Mergers and Acquisition,
review the case study noted within the article on item 7. It is about a merger between AOL and Time Warner in

  1. There is a chart listed with the summary that shows the cultural differences between the two companies.
    Review that chart.
    Using this as an example, conduct some research and find two companies that similarly merged or that was
    acquired by another company. Write a two-page summary of the merger or acquisition to include:
    1 – the reasons why it occurred and when it occurred
    2 – the approximate size of each company before the merger
    3 – the organizational challenges faced
    4 – was the merger successful or not and why
    5 – the state of the company now
    Then include a simple four column chart similar to the example and show at least five cultural elements of the
    companies, the cultural differences in the two companies before the merger took place and then in the fourth
    column include the culture now in the acquiring company. List at least five cultural elements in the chart.
    Cultural Element / AOL culture / Time Warner culture / Culture adopted
    Your written assignment should be no less than 700 words. Avoid using direct quotes. Use your own words. If
    you do use any direct quotes, increase the length of your paper accordingly. Use APA citations and ensure you
    document where you found your data in a separate reference listing.

Sample Solution