Meta-ethical theory

Review the videos posted and consider the questions raised there. In discussion post, provide assessment of the meta-ethical theory (deontological, teleological, or virtue ethics) represented in one of the videos. In your post, consider the following questions: What justification is offered for an action? How does the justification best fit the chosen meta-ethical theory? How does the proponent handle the question of the consequences of the action? Comment as well on the extent to which you find yourself in agreement with the position that is being articulated.

Film options pick one

2:55 minutes

3 minutes video

Discussion 2.2

Assume a scenario in which you are asked to author a code of ethics for a group and you can select one advisor to help with your first draft. You must choose between an advocate for deontological ethics, one for teleological ethics, and one for virtue ethics. Who do you think would be most helpful to advise you and why? Another way of thinking about the question is to ask which ethical point of view you think is most effective in reaching a shareable and effective code of ethics that most will agree to?


Describe the commonalities and differences between management and leadership.

Discuss the relationship between leadership and management (i.e., are they subsets of one another or totally separate concepts that have no overlapping attributes).

Can you have one without the other? Explain your answer.

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