Metacognitive forum

This metacognitive forum is intended to help you develop intentional learning practices. It is an opportunity to think about how you processed the learning from the previous week. You are welcome to reference any of the required or supplementary materials, videos, or instructor guidance, as well as anything in the text that was not covered in the discussions.

Complete the following sentence starters to create your post:

One new or interesting thing I learned last week was… I found it interesting because…
One thing that went well for me last week was…
Something I could have done differently last week was… This week I will…
After reading the materials and completing last week’s assignments, I’d like to learn more about…

Overview for Previous Week

This week students will:

Examine the impact Learning Patterns have on interpersonal relationships.
Describe practices to enhance your reading and writing skills.
Identify student services and organizations.
Identify basic principles of academic integrity.
Week 4 will build on the knowledge gained in previous weeks by explaining how you can use your Learning Patterns with intention to become a critical thinker, reader, and writer. Your textbook explains the benefits of deep reading, critical writing, and critical thinking skills and provides practical suggestions for developing these based on your individual Learning Patterns. The discussion revolves around real world application of critical thinking where you will be analyzing the potential Learning Patterns of others and how Patterns play a role in your interpersonal interactions. In this week’s journal assignment, you will reflect on your past experiences with reading and writing, and you will determine actions to enhance these skills. You will be introduced to principles of academic integrity to help you with your academic writing. Finally, you will become acquainted with different Ashford University services and organizations.

Sample Solution