Methods and Behaviours in Property ownership

Write an application that helps landowners determine what their property tax will be for the current year.
Taxes are based on the property’s assessed value and the annual millage rate. The established millage rate
for the current year is $10.03 per $1000 value. Homeowners are given a $25,000 exemption, which means
they may subtract $25,000 from the assessed value prior to calculating the taxes. Enable users to enter the
property address and the prior year’s assessed value. The township has decided to increase all properties’
assessed value 2.7% for the current year to add additional monies to the school budget line. Provide
methods to compute and return the new assessed value and the proposed taxes for the current year.
Provide another method that displays the formatted values.
Must be done in C# format.
I need the source code ending in .cs and a screen capture of the output.

Sample Solution