Michael Cohen Just Undermined One of Donald Trump’s Key Russia Arguments Time Ryan Teague Beckwith,Time Thu, Nov 29 3:25 PM EST

– Paper is organized; each paragraph flows logically into the next paragraph.

– Appropriate terminology it used; writing is clear and concise.

– Proper spelling and grammar is used; sentences are properly constructed.
Content 80% – Appropriate article selection (scholarly and/or empirical); recent (last ten years).

– Brief overview of the article is provided; the thesis of the article is clearly stated.

– A description of the research problem is provided.

– Research methods used to study the problem are discussed and critiqued in detail.

– The authors’ conclusions and recommendations are provided.

– Contributions to the literature are discussed in detail along with a brief discussion of conclusions/recommendations.

– The critique addresses the following questions: What methods did the author use to investigate the topic? Were the appropriate methods used? Did the authors approach to supporting the thesis make sense? Did the author employ the methods correctly? Did you discover any errors in the way the research was conducted?

















































































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