(Migration, Foundation, Unity) of the documentary Cities of Light

Our class will be viewing the first three segments (Migration, Foundation, Unity) of the documentary Cities of Light. Using the notes you took while watching the documentary you must upload ten “plot points” to Canvas. This assignment will count toward your weekly participation grade and will be marked either “Complete” or “Incomplete.”

As you watch the documentary, you should consider the following:

Who may have lived on the Iberian peninsula as early as the 1st century?
What group of people arrived in the 5th century?
Which group crossed into Iberia from Africa in the 8th century?
Why did the new Muslim rulers give Christians and Jews in Iberia the status of “dhimmi” or protected people?
Abd Al-Rahman’s reign marks the beginning of a century of peace and prosperity centered on Córdoba. What were some of the achievements of this era?
What caused tension in other parts of Al-Andalus during the time of Abd Al-Rahman?
If you visited Córdoba during the reign of Abd Al-Rahman III, who might you see and/or hear?
What happened to Córdoba after the death of Abd Al-Rahman’s successor?

Sample Solution