Military Tactical Systems

Bob Gainwright, your supervisor at Military Tactical Systems, Inc., has sent you to Denver, Colorado, to meet with representatives of the Guardian Corporation to discuss a new plant security system for your sensitive facility in the desert outside San Angelo, Texas. You are to meet with Roscoe Billings, the CEO
(Chief Executive Officer) and discuss cost, equipment, and their approach to a specific problem your facility has: invasion by “scrub” cattle setting of the current alarm system and causing many nocturnal visits by contract security guards and significant budget overruns (double the current billing for routine
guard services) for their investigations and the resulting damage to your fencing and alarm system.
When you arrive, Mr. Billings is not available (called out of town on a family emergency), so you meet with Ms. Emily Watkins instead. She is the COO (Chief
Operations Officer) of Guardian. She cites a cost well within the range you were authorized to negotiate, provides brochures describing the required equipment, and offers a novel way to distinguish cows and critters from human penetration of the alarm system.

Sample Solution