Millennial development

Write on how you feel about what the authors say, the style or structure of their writing, and whether it is “interesting,’ reflect and write: Is the thinking in the readings logical and reasonable? Why or why not? What are the strengths of the arguments? Where do you see flaws, weaknesses or aspects that are not convincing? What would be a better way to think about the issue? What is lacking or overlooked? What are your own well-reasoned ideas about the issue at hand? If there is more than one reading, try to evaluate the readings as a whole as opposed to individually; but if necessary, point out the arguments that you would like to discuss from some of the readings when you make your arguments. Remember that not every reading should be expected to cover everything….that’s the reason why multiple readings are assigned, to get to multiple facets of a given topic. Try to compare and contrast the authors’ ideas… how are they similar or different? In sum, try to constructively and thoughtfully interact with the ideas the author(s) present, including discussing your own ideas and possible counterarguments to what they articulate.

Sample Solution