MIS Infastructure system

You are responsible for developing the infrastructure of an organization that manufactures durable goods. Using chapter 5 from the book “Business Drive Information Systems” as an outline, describe the components of an MIS infrastructure and a Sustainable infrastructure. Your system project must have a full description with goals, various tasks outlined and a schedule of events. Each event must have milestones and a list of personnel within your organization assigned to manage each task. Provide a realistic budget for each task.

  1. Read or view the first few paragraphs or statements, then go through the case almost as fast as you can turn the pages or view the video. Ask what broadly this case is about and especially what types of information are being given to analyze.
  2. Read or view the case very carefully and outline key facts, notes, commentary, and sequence of events.
  3. Note the key problems and issues and restate them.
  4. Sort out the relevant considerations for each problem area.
  5. Do appropriate qualitative and quantitative analysis – rely on the text to provide proper analysis techniques where applicable. Use analytical concepts from the text to frame and define problem sets.
  6. Develop a set of recommendations based on analysis that support your findings and conclusions of the case data.

Sample Solution