Mock Incident response Plan

This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material we have covered during
the course. For this project students will come up with a fictitious incident response plan and develop a
Powerpoint presentation containing a minimum of 10 slides.
Develop a response plan for a mock incident involving a facility or location in your community. This is a single
incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. We are looking for you to
simulate an incident response and use your project as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned
about the incident command process during the course. The Powerpoint presentation should contain the
following slides:
Slide 1 – Title Page
Slide 2 – Overview of the Incident
Slides 3 – 9 – Comprehensive Response Plan
Last slide – References
Decide who will be the Incident Commander (IC). Or you could choose a Unified Command (UC). Develop the
five ICS functional areas and specific responsibilities for each area pertaining to your incident. A completely

Sample Solution