Modeling blood cell production

Project outline

  1. Describe what you plan to do for the biological background,
  2. What you plan to do for the previous mathematical model
  3. Describe what contribution you plan to make
  4. What analysis and simulations you plan to perform?
  5. Describe How you plan to conclude your project report

research paper must include

  1. Title page with standard. Information
  2. Abstract summarizing the content of your paper
  3. Introduction to the biological system which provides relevant background information. Necessary to. Understand the problem
  4. Introduction to the mathematical approach that describes the need for mathematical modeling, previous mathematical investigation,
  5. Section describing your contribution to the mathematical modeling effort
  6. Section containing original numerical simulation
  7. Conclusion section in which you give your opinion of mathematical models you’ve researched, summery of how your contributions effect the current understanding and suggestions. For future investigations

Sample Solution