Models of Addiction

Read Chapter 3 of the Fisher textbook. It discusses ” Models of Addiction” and it provides a framework of
viewing the different perceptions of why people misuse substances and through learning about the ” WHY” we
can then begin to plan the ” HOW”. The ” How” answers the question of: How can our client rethink their
behaviors/ actions to reduce their problematic patterns of substance misuse? After reading the Chapter. Select
one of the models of Addiction. Focus on the Psychological Models of Addiction. Answer the following question
with a detailed and thorough response
Select one Model of addiction and discuss the pros and cons of the theory concept.
For example:
Disease model: Is addiction a disease that clients must be ” cured ” from?
Moral Model: Are we forcing people into self-blame by connecting their addiction with ” SIN”?
Read the Case Study samples {I will post them also under Content}. It shows 6 clients that were excessive
alcoholics and used different models to be successful in treatment.
How as a therapist/ substance abuse counselor do we use the client’s belief system to engage a supportive
treatment plan?

Sample Solution