Mogul simulation report –finance part

log in to the website:, the username is puyu0608 and password is
sanmao19- . Click the team play and then you can see all the data and report. Write a Post-Game Mogul
Team Report, analyze only the finance part, focusing on the following questions: 1. What we did (Print your
decisions as you input them of the periods) 2. What we expected (An overview of your expectations) 3.
What happened (Outcomes, e.g. industry position, ROA, etc. for each periods) 4. What would we do
differently in each of the periods (Specifically, what different decision would you make if you could revise
your original decisions as shown in item #1, above). Also, use charts and graphs to create quantitative
analysis for your firm at the two year-ends (i.e., Q1-4 & 5-8, respectively) ,as compared to the industry!
Remember you only need to analyze the finance part, ignore other like marketing or HR part.

Sample Solution