Molecular Geometry Models.

Construct models of the molecules from the table above. The simplest way to create models of molecules is to use Play Doh for atoms and toothpicks for bonds. Use one toothpick for bond between atoms even if it is double or triple bond. You don’t have to represent lone pair in your models but remember that lone pairs affect shapes of molecules – for example H2O molecule is not linear because it has two lone pairs on oxygen atom. Make a model for each molecule in the table, take a picture of it and attach pictures to your report. Make sure that I know which model represent which molecule, so the best it will be to draw Lewis structure on piece of paper, construct the model, place model on the paper with its Lewis structure and take a picture. Make sure that your models are 3-D, just like actual molecules are.

  1. CH4
  2. CO2
  3. NH3
  4. BF3
  5. H2O

Sample Solution