Monitoring employees

Experience My uncle who started to work from home because of Covid-19
has experienced workplace surveillance. He told me it was so annoying and sometimes
he was concerned about the privacy of the data privacy. Because of the pandemic, he
shifted to remote working and his company requires him to use an application to check
his productivity during office hours. I remember he told me he is using a work smart
productivity tool to show his performance. He told me he needs to use this app because
his manager needs all the reports like what he did during the office hour and how much
work he has accomplished during that time. Also, he mentions something about taking
pictures of him and screenshots of his computer every half an hour as a report to his
manager. The productivity checking app does this process while he works. And the report
is sent to his manager directly. He also mentions taking the report of keystrokes and total
data used for his work and many more by this app. As he talks about this app, he seems
pretty worried about all the personal data that is being saved in his computer and he
thinks it would probably be being shared with his company.
Using the concepts and information from the required readings write a short essay that answers the following
points (For this assignment, your written answer should be in the range of approximately 600-800 words). I am
asking you to do a reflection on the above experience.
Positives/Negatives from the Employer’s Perspective (These come from the Week 1 articles, make reference to
the articles)
Think about why they would want to surveil their employees
Why must a company or owner monitor its employees?
Positives/Negatives from the Employee’s Perspective (These come from the Week 2 articles, make reference
to the articles)
Think about why an employee would not want to be monitored
Does monitoring employees constantly decrease productivity?
What is the future of Workplace Surveillance? (Your own opinion)
Make a direct connection to Arango and your own personalized experience with Workplace Surveillance (if you
don’t have one, use the experience you chose for the discussion: 1,2,3 ) regarding Incentives (Ch: 3) and
Structure (Ch:7)

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