Moral Psychology

Step 1: Go to the website (Links to an external site.). Register for a free account (it is run by academics and will not spam you). Once you register, click on the Explore your Morals tab.

Step 2: Choose one questionnaire to complete: Take notes as it is hard to access the questions again without creating a new account. The exact questionnaires available sometimes fluctuate, but some good examples include:

-The Moral Foundations Questionnaire

-Moral Dilemma Survey

-Interpersonal Reactivity Index

-Business Ethics Questionnaire

-Gratitude Questionnaire

-Disgust Scale

-Morality and Relationships

Step 3: Find an empirical scientific paper that also uses the same scale or is on a similar topic. Download a .pdf copy of that paper, and upload this .pdf to Canvas HERE. I recommend using Google Scholar or PsycInfo If you are having trouble consult with me during office hours.

Sample Solution