Morality And Ethics

1.) Identify and analyze Leon R. Kass’ distinction between “full human dignity and “basic human dignity.” Use specific examples from Kass’ article to highlight the differences between these two definitions of human dignity

2.) Identify James M. Gustafson and explain the distinction he makes between ethics and morals. Make sure you clearly analyze Gustafson’s key points as outlined in the text.

3.) Briefly explain how God is the Center of Value in any system of Christian morality. What religious beliefs about God influence your way of acting in a Christian way? (This is what Gula calls “onlooks”). E.g., what Biblical stories have influences your life (narratives, parables, etc.). .

4.) What does Gula meant by a “personalistic” view of morality? How should we view the human person in terms of reason informed by faith? Give two instances mentioned by Gula of this personalistic vision. (Gula gives four).




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