Motivation, anxiety and gender influnce on the acquistion of english as a second langauge for saudi students studyig in ireland

How to find out what motivates Saudi learners of English, what makes them anxious? How to evaluate what legacy they bring from their past experience in Saudi Arabia to the Irish classroom?
Three different methodologies: questionnaire (60 participants), interviews (6 participants) and one case study (1 person). Explain that this is a kind of triangulation – ie getting info from three sources – and if they all point to the same conclusions then this gives your argument some credence.
When you write this up – give us a clear description of what you found – but only once.
Keeping this separate from the findings may be the easiest and least repetitive way of dealing with your analysis.
From your data can you say what motivates Saudis in a broad sweep way? You know they have instrumental motivation. Have they also had so many positive experiences in Ireland that they have some integrative motivation?
From the data can you say that the Irish classroom has proved a conducive environment for learning? Friendly teachers? Teaching methods? Student participation?
From the data can you say what causes anxiety? Do male and female Saudis bring the legacy of the Saudi system into the Irish classroom? Is there a difference between the sexes here – and what could be the reason – you have to speculate here to explain differences coming out of the data.




































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