Motive behind the Merger & Acquisition deal

undertake the following analyses, as far as applicable, and discuss (not necessarily in this order):
a) Business combination details and overview of the M&A ‘story’
b) Stand-alone entity analysis: if possible pre- and post-merger (post-merger = new entity)
c) Synergy valuation
d) Payment arrangements of the M&A case
e) Motive behind the Merger & Acquisition deal
f) Post-merger assessment: successful, yes or no? What are the measures of success in the particular case, or if not successful, where did the organizations
fail to integrate?
g) Consider the context of the M&A deal organizations (national, organizational culture, industry)
Please note that the report structure and argumentative writing style matter, since you are providing an assessment of the Merger & Acquisition deal, not just
a descriiption.…

Sample Solution